Bath Time

The boys enjoying a well deserved bath after that goblin encounter!

  • We’re more than halfway through CH1 revisions and hope to roll out High Res/PSD downloads by the end of this month for patrons.
  • CH2 has been scripted and partially thumbed and will be moving into page layout and sketches. We expect to have some design content to share with patrons as we work on CH2.
  • The mini comic Ash was working on is done and ready, we are just trying to figure out a good time to schedule it (which’ll be end of April/begining of May).
  • A casual reminder that you can support us on Patreon by clicking the “become a patrong” button underneath the comic! Also you can join our Discord Server and hangout out with other adventurers.

We hope everyone is safe and healthy during these crazy times <3